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Teach Us to Pray

9 May

This past week, Pope Benedict XVI began a new series of teachings on the topic of prayer. He is calling us to turn to Jesus with humble trust and ask: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

Each Wednesday, then, the Holy Father will open for all the faithful throughout the world the treasures of our Catholic spiritual tradition, including Scripture, the Fathers of the Church and other sound spiritual guides, and the sacred liturgy so that, as the Pope says, “we will learn to live yet more intensely our relationship with the Lord, as though in a ‘school of prayer.’”

The Pope noted last week that Christian prayer fulfills a longing for God found in all cultures throughout human history:

“The man of all times prays because he cannot fail to ask himself what is the meaning of his existence, which remains dark and discomforting, if he is not placed in relationship with the mystery of God and His plan for the world.”

As we begin today our new archdiocesan blog, I encourage each one of us to start anew in our commitment to spending time with Jesus in prayer. Why not today?

Be sure to visit this blog regularly–not only for the Pope’s life-transforming teachings on prayer, but for news, commentaries, links, and videos on an array of topics affecting the faith and life of KCK Catholics.

P.S. In keeping with the “teach us to pray” theme, there is still time to register for the new Catholic Spiritual Mentorship program here in the Archdiocese of Kansas City cosponsored by School of Faith and the Apostles of the Interior Life. For more information, click here.