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A Saint for All Seasons

22 Jun

One of the saints for today is St. Thomas More, the 16th-century Chancellor of England under King Henry VIII. St. Thomas deeply loved his country and was a loyal advisor to the king, but in the end he accepted martyrdom rather than repudiate the Catholic faith.

He is an apt saint for us today, as we too strive to be faithful citizens of our country and, even more, loyal sons and daughters of the Church.

There are several excellent biographies of St. Thomas More that we recommend for your summer reading or viewing.  In particular, check out the following: 

Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage (Gerard Wegemer, Scepter): Wegemer delivers on his title, providing a meticulously researched overview of the saint’s life, in which a multi-faceted, truly human portrait of More emerges.

The King’s Good Servant, But God’s First: The Life and Writings of Saint Thomas More (James Monti, Ignatius): Comprehensive book, perhaps most notable for its extensive presentation and analysis of More’s apologetics works in Reformation England, particularly his exchanges with William Tyndale.  Excellent treatment also of More’s protracted drama with King Henry VIII.

And of course there’s A Man for All Seasons (Columbia Pictures): Paul Scofield provides an outstanding performance as Thomas More in a movie that won six Academy Awards, including Best Actor and Best Picture. Why not rent it from your local library or Netflix today?