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The Lord Is Near

8 Sep

The Pope continued his teachings on prayer this week by beginning a series of weekly meditations on the Psalms, which he calls the “prayerbook par excellence.” Yesterday (September 7th) he reflected on Psalm 3, a psalm of lament and supplication imbued with trust in God’s saving presence.

I invite readers to ponder the Pope’s reflections in their entirety, but here is his closing summary, which will give you a good sense of the Holy Father’s message to us today:

“Dear brothers and sisters, Psalm 3 presents us with a prayer full of trust and consolation. In praying this psalm, we can make the psalmist’s sentiments our own–[the psalmist] who is a figure of the just man who is persecuted, and who finds his fulfillment in Jesus. In suffering, in danger, in the bitterness of misunderstanding and offense, the psalmist’s words open our hearts to the comforting certainty of faith. God is always near–even in difficulties, in problems, in the darkness of life–He listens, He responds and He saves according to His ways. But we need to know how to recognize His presence and to accept His ways, like David in his crushing escape from Absalom his son; like the just man who is persecuted in the Book of Wisdom; and finally and fully, like the Lord Jesus on Golgotha. And, when to the eyes of the impious, God seems not to intervene and the Son dies, precisely then are true glory and salvation’s definitive realization manifested to all who believe. May the Lord grant us faith; may He come to the help of our weakness; and may He enable us to believe and to pray in every anxiety, in the painful nights of doubt and in the long days of suffering, by trustfully abandoning ourselves to Him who is our ‘shield’ and our ‘glory.'”