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Courage to Be Chaste

20 Oct

This week the National Catholic Register published an informative interview with Fr. Paul Check, the executive director of Courage, an organization that ministers to people with same-sex attractions. Check out the entire interview here.

I thought Fr. Check provided an especially clear, down-to-earth summary of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality:

“There’s a distinction we always make among the person, the inclination and  the action. The person is always good: a child of God, redeemed in Christ and  invited to grace and glory. As for the inclination, the Church teaches that it’s  disordered when put alongside our understanding of what it means to live and act  in a way consistent with our human nature, in this case, in the realm of human  intimacy and love.

“It’s the ultimately procreative power of sexual activity that tells us why  the world is divided into two sexes. Therefore, the same-sex inclination is  described by the Church as disordered because it’s at variance with that design  and order in nature. That inclination takes a person’s deepest aspirations and  desires and confuses them by layering on top of them an erotic same-sex  attraction. Underneath that layer, however, there is the fullness of human nature to include authentic desires relating to human intimacy. And although the  inclination is disordered, we stress that this is absolutely no basis for a  personal moral condemnation.

“But the action–the deliberate choice to engage in homosexual activity–that action is gravely immoral.”

Archbishop Naumann has noted that we cannot credibly oppose same-sex “marriage” without at the same time providing a compassionate pastoral response to those with same-sex attractions. Fr. Check puts it this way: Continue reading