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Families as Agents of the New Evangelization

2 Dec

Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI addressed participants at a gathering of the Pontifical Council for the Family. The event coincided with the thirtieth anniversary of Blessed John Paul II’s amazing teaching on the family (Familiaris Consortio) and his creation of the pontifical council itself.

In his remarks, the Pope noted that “in our time, as in the past, the eclipse of God, the spread of an anti-family ideology and the abasement of sexual morality appear interconnected.” This is why “the new evangelization is inseparable from the Christian family. The family is the Church’s ‘path,’ because it is a ‘human place’ in which we encounter Christ. . . . The family founded on the Sacrament of Marriage is an individual microcosm of the Church, a community which is saved and saves, which is evangelized and evangelizes. Like the Church, the family is called to live, irradiate, and express to the world the love and presence of Christ.”

Accepting and transmitting divine love, the Holy Father explained, “comes about in the spouses’ dedication to one another, in generous and responsible procreation, in raising and educating children, in work and social relations, in care for the needy, participation in Church activity, and commitment to civil society.” The Christian family “reflects the splendor of Christ and the beauty of the divine Trinity in the world” to the extent to which it manages to experience love “as communion and service, as reciprocal gift and openness to everyone.”

Courtesy of Vatican Information Service.