Chilling Attack on Religious Freedom

7 Mar

A stinging Wall Street Journal editorial has backed Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York in his criticism of the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate, describing the White House stand as a “chilling” attack on religious freedom.

Catholic World News summarizes:

“Citing Cardinal Dolan’s report on a meeting with White House aides, at which representatives of the bishops’ conference were told that issues of conscience were ‘off the table,’ the Journal editorial observed: ‘In other words, the White House’s solution is merely for the bishops to shut up about the wrinkles.’ With their condescending citation of some liberal Catholics who approved the mandate, the Journal continued, the Obama administration was ‘in effect telling the bishops that they know less about church teachings than your average Washington Post columnist.’

“The Journal recognized the Obama administration’s strategy of dividing the Church, noting the implicit White House message that ‘Catholics who actually abide by their faith are opposed to modernity.’ The editorial concluded with the observation that apparently the Catholic bishops cannot stop ‘the dominant wing of America’s governing political party from insisting that religion kneel before its secular will.'”

3 Responses to “Chilling Attack on Religious Freedom”

  1. Loretta Gallagher March 15, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Oh for pete’s sake! There are people so upset with the Miami County Commissioners for their decision NOT to accept a grant for contaceptives at the health clinic. So now, people are getting so excited, and riled up that they are going to have a rally at the court house in Paola Saturday morning at 9 am in protest. I think they said CNN and other TV channels are going to be there. We need some people on the OTHER side to be there too. Ya think?
    I personally think the government should not be in the birth control business, and yes, it is a business. Don’t take my tax dollars and pay for other people’s birth control. End of story.

    What do you think?

  2. Loretta Gallagher March 15, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    We must stand up. It seems Miami County is the first county in the State to refuse a grant for contraceptives and we may have made history. But, with the upheaval, what will be the next step?

  3. Leon Suprenant March 15, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    Good for the Miami County Commissioners!

    Yes, there are many levels to this. The most fundamental point is that people of faith should not be required to pay for services that violate the tenets of their faith. All the more so when it come to the Church itself.

    As you point out, even if contraceptives weren’t objectionable in themselves, why does the government single them out as “health care” that must be provided free of charge via Obamacare? There are many things that would do more to promote my health (vitamins, gym membership, sunblock, etc.) that the government is not paying for. Clearly there’s an agenda here–especially when one considers the claim that the vast majority of women are already on the Pill. If that’s true, then there doesn’t seem to be such a problem regarding “access” to contraceptives that the government has to step in and require this coverage.

    And of course, why does the government have to mandate anything? The federal government is usurping the rights of local authorities and individual taxpayers to make their own decisions about where their money should go.

    I’m not up on the Miami County issue yet, though it clearly relates to contraceptives. My only concern is linking it to the HHS mandate in such a way that makes it appear that the HHS mandate is only about contraception, when more fundamentally it’s a frontal attack on the religious liberty of Catholics.

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