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The Unseen Option

10 Mar

aaaHave you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? This is an age-old expression that is relevant to so much of everyday family life.

In the trenches of marriage and family life, we sometimes find ourselves at the crossroads of two bad options. A couple in pain looks at a lifetime of misery on the one hand or divorce on the other. A woman in a crisis pregnancy sees the struggle of single parenthood on the one hand and abortion on the other. A family member makes a bad choice and we see compromising our beliefs on the one hand or severing a relationship on the other. This is tough stuff!

In this Sunday’s readings, God is all about offering a new option we haven’t seen before. We have a God who opened up the sea for the Israelites to pass through when they were trapped. He makes rivers run through deserts. And when He Himself was stuck between the demands of justice and mercy toward the adulterous woman, He resolved the dilemma with one simple question.

There is a promise here for us this weekend. “Those that sow in tears shall reap rejoicing.” Maybe the solution is a renewed love we never could have dreamed of. Maybe the answer is adoption for the “crisis” pregnancy? Maybe God shows us His own heart by teaching us to forgive one who rejects us.

We can’t know what solution God has up His sleeves. However, we do know two things: We can trust Him, and we won’t know His answer unless we ask Him. The lesson of Lent and that leads us to Easter glory is that God is an expert at bringing good out of seemingly impossible situations.

The foregoing is this week’s installment of the “Marriage Minute,” produced by the Marriage and Family Life Office of the Archdiocese, which attempts to view the Sunday readings through the lens of the Sacrament of Marriage.