Parents, Listen to Your Own Wisdom

29 Jul

Has your child ever demanded, “Mom, tell my brother to share the Legos with me!”? If so, you can relate to Jesus’ experience in this week’s Gospel when He is asked to instruct siblings to share the family inheritance with one another.

As parents dealing with children or looking at this Gospel, it is easy to recognize the jealousy at the root of these situations, and we have the wisdom to say, “Possessions are not the source of happiness.” However, we parents face the same temptation of jealousy.

A new car, new house, new clothing, new phone, or a new kitchen seems to call our name every day.  None of these things are bad, but we can want them for the wrong reasons.  Let us take the time this week to check the motivations of our heart and to be grateful for what we do have. We can set the example for our children of what it means to be poor in spirit.

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